Cheese, glorious cheese!

FM and V have been busy as of late and not posting as much as we should.  That changes today with news from Whole Foods Market.  While V does not eat dairy, FM does and could not wait to share.


This week marks Whole Food Market’s 12 Days of Cheese.  This means half price specials on a select artisan cheese every day from December 13 through December 24.  It also means more cheesey goodness for FM.

Whole Foods Market’s global cheese buyer, Cathy Strange, and company Certified Cheese Professionals selected the featured specialities and the spotlight shines on a different one each day.

Check out this list of creamy specials:

Cellars at Jasper Hill, Harbison (Dec. 13)

  • This decadent soft-ripened cheese from Vermont is hand-wrapped with spruce bark, adding a woodsy note to its sweet, earthy flavor.

Mons, Époisses (Dec. 14)

  • A traditional French washed-rind cheese with a luscious texture, bold yet balanced tangy-sweet flavor and pleasant pungency.

Vermont Creamery, Bonne Bouche (Dec. 15)

  • This mild ash-ripened goat cheese with earthy notes and a subtle hazelnut flavor is a visually stunning addition to any cheese board.

Borough Market, Stilton (Dec. 16)

  • Rich and creamy with a complex, earthy flavor and a hint of spiciness. Made with vegetarian rennet.

Uplands Cheese Company, Pheasant Ridge Reserve (Dec. 17)

  • The only three-time winner of the American Cheese Society Best of Show, this cheese has a sweet, broth-like flavor with notes of butterscotch and fruit.

Le Gruyère (Dec. 18)

  • This classic washed-rind cheese is aged in the centuries-old Kaltbach caves of Switzerland. Nutty and creamy with a velvety texture.

Cypress Grove Chevre, Truffle Tremor (Dec. 19)

  • A silky, creamy soft-ripened goat cheese packed with truffles. Deep floral, herb and mushroom flavors. An American original!

Rapin, Le Maréchal (Dec. 20)

  • This creamy, raw-milk Alpine cheese is infused with flavor from herbs added by hand during the ripening process.

Papillon, Roquefort (Dec. 21)

  • This classic cave-aged sheep’s milk blue cheese shows rich spiciness, complex layers of flavor and a smooth texture.

Mons, Camembert (Dec. 22)

  • A classic from Normandy produced using high-quality milk from France, then aged to perfection by a third-generation affineur. Full-flavored, creamy and earthy with mushroom overtones.

Vermont Creamery, St. Albans (Dec. 23)

  • An American take on a traditional French cheese, sourced from milk from one farm. Delicate and smooth with rich creamy flavors and nutty notes.  Non-GMO Project verified.

Rogue Creamery. Flora Nelle (Dec. 24)

  • A bold blue cheese from Oregon, with tropical fruit flavors and a finish of sweet cream.

Charleston’s Whole Foods Market is located at 923 Houston Northcutt Boulevard and open from 8 am until 9 pm seven days a week. Take note, that the store will close at 6 pm on December 25 and be closed on Christmas Day.

FM loves cheese, so you may see us wandering the aisles sometime over the next 11 days. What is your favorite way to serve cheese?

FM and V are currently deciding what to put on their appetizer plate for the holiday meal.  Suggestions are welcome.