Stuffed peppers!

Both FM and V love stuffed peppers.  Why wouldn’t we?  Sweet bell peppers filled with a seasoned rice and protein blend are always winners for lunch or dinner.



We make this dish work for both of us by switching up the protein.  V has lentils in her peppers while FM always chooses beef.


Served with a simple salad, this cheap and comforting entree can come together in minutes when ingredients are pre-prepped or prepared in a pressure cooker.

It’s time to eat!  What are you having?




What happened to March?

Crazy!  We blinked and it was over!

We haven’t forgotten about this blog of ours.  The Vegetarian caught a bug that refused to let go and Fat Man started on projects and got distracted.  We’ve been posting on Facebook here and there, but will get back onto a regular schedule soon.

See you then!


What to expect from us

We’ve been together a while and can navigate our nixed dietary preferences fairly well. For meals at home, for example, all sides and accompaniments are meat-, dairy-, and egg-free.  The main dish is usually what changes somewhat.  If pasta, there may be meat cooked separately that can be added to the meal.  It’s the same for Tex Mex and Soup/Salad/Sandwich nights.  When we dine out, we try to find places that offer at least a few salads and sides that V can modify.

FM:  Ok where do I start….First let me give you my scoring system.   I’m going to give a belly score ranging from 1 (low score) to 5 (high score) with 3 being the medium.   A 3 score is going to be broken down into A (high 3), B (straight middle of the road), and C (low side of 3 but not quite bad enough for a 2).

V:  I’ll go with his scoring system for now. In general, I don’t use letters in mine, but for him, I can be flexible.

We’ll review restaurants, food trucks (and truck stops while on the road), share how we make the menus work at home, and share goodies from our cookbook collections.  Well, V’s cookbook collection that occasionally includes goodies for FM.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, give us a shout.